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Wolf Calcium GP-3 Grease
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Specification of Wolf Calcium GP-3 Grease

Wolf Calcium GP-3 Grease is a type of calcium soap based lubricant that is resistant to water. This product is ideal for lubricating bearings that operate at medium speeds and high temperatures.

Long lasting lubrication, long service life and reduced maintenance and beach downtime.
Exceptional water resistance, no significant loss of consistency was observed even with the amount of high water entering the oil.
Excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties thanks to the nature of calcium, also in the presence of water.
High resistance to water and clean water.
Good corrosion and rust protection.
Good oxidation resistance.
Suitable for slow to moderate speeds and moderate loads.
Very difficult to drop.

Slow and moderate slowing and ordinary bearings.
Shear elements and journal pads.
Water pumps, immersed parts, mining carts, metalworking machinery, water treatment equipment, etc.
Light gear and chain.
Engine bearings and fix-bed bikes. Automotive chassis.
Temporary sealing and anti-rust purpose.
Working temperature: -10 C to 90 ° C

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