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Minyak Gemuk Wolf Calcium HDX 2
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Specification of Minyak Gemuk Wolf Calcium HDX 2

Wolf Calcium HDX 2 Grease is a grease specifically designed for industrial engine lubrication that works under high temperatures and high loads in the steel industry, paper mills, cement plants and other factories. Calcium HDX 2 is also a suitable multi-purpose EP oil, in a variety of other industrial applications where water is often in contact with fat. Always avoid fat contamination with dust and / or dirt when applying. We recommend that you use a pneumatic pump system.

The benefits of the HDX 2 Calcium Wolf feature are:
Highly sophisticated formulas and performance reserves, meet the most stringent industry requirements. Excellent thermal and mechanical stability.
Exceptional load resistance thanks to naturally extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.

Exceptional water resistance, no loss of significant consistency is observed even with the amount of high water entering the oil.
Excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties, also in the presence of sea water. Does not contain lead, or other heavy metals that are considered harmful to human health and the environment.

HDX 2 Calcium Wolf is suitable for lubricating bearings in steel mills (continuous castings and rolling mills) and the paper industry. Also suitable for the lubrication of granular granules of hardwood and in all industrial applications in severe conditions (wet, full, high temperature, dust) namely the mining industry and cement. And suitable for use in a centralized lubrication system.

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