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Wolf Compound C Grease
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Specification of Wolf Compound C Grease

Wolf Compound C Grease is a type of high viscosity lubricant, bituminous residual lubricant which is recommended especially for open gears and wire ropes for industries that require adhesive, high load carrier products. Grade is a mixture of bitumen and oil based on heavy minerals, mixed in different proportions to meet various applications. Wolf C compounds contain graphite and moS2.

The features and benefits of WOLF Compound C are:
 - Reduces operating temperature, extends gear life
 - Reduce consumption, reduce lubricant costs
 - Multi-purpose lubricant
 - Excellent load carrying capacity Excellent corrosion resistance
 - Strong adhesive and resistant to water washing

COMPOUND CIGARETTE C is recommended for use on open gears operating at low speeds and wire ropes Lubrication and retaining draglines, mining slips, track drills, sliding mills, kilns, drum lagging, racking gears / pinion, etc., can be simplified by Compound Use Serigala C. Open teeth, many slow speed bearings, bushings, and some closed gear caps can benefit from the use of Wolf Compound C, so that lubricant supplies are reduced.

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