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Wolf Extra MP 101 Grease
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Specification of Wolf Extra MP 101 Grease

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 is Extra Performance mulitpurpose grease, formulated for lubrication of loaded slide-Ball, and roller-bearings, wheel bearing, universaml joints, chassic, and various shock loaded or vibrating applications in transport, agriculture and off road equipment, operating in wet, dusty and/or dry condditions.

Wolf Extra MP 101 Feature and benefits are :

  1. Universal application characteristics of WOLF WMX 101 (High Quality XP) greases facilitate lubrication planning and reduce stock to be held.
  2. Suitable as general purpose grease for industrial application requiring a NLGI 2 grade.
  3. Outstanding resistance to oxidation inhibits deterioration both during storage and use, while their high dropping points allow the product used efficiently over wide range of temperatures.
  4. Excellent mechanical stability and good thermal stability ensure their properties remain unaltered even after long exposure to intense mechanical load and thermal stresses.
  5. Excellent adhesion to metal.
  6. Does not containt lead, or other heavy metals considered harmful to human health and the environment.
  7. Excellent mechanical stability, good load-carrying properties and long life.

Applications :

Wolf Extra MP 101 series greases are recommended for application on

  1. Wheel bearings, ball and rollers bearings, swivels, joints, couplings and other parts in industrial.
  2. Construction, agricultural machinery.
  3. Vehicles either for transportation vehicles, mini buses or light truck.
  4. Replace a wide range of greases, allowing stock rationalization and simplification of maintance.
  5. Compatible with other conventional soap greases.
  6. Always avoid contamination of the grese by dust and/or dirt when applying.
  7. Preferably use a pneumatic pump system or cartridges.

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