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Minyak Gemuk Wolf GP Lithium EP Series
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Specification of Minyak Gemuk Wolf GP Lithium EP Series

Wolf GP Lithium EP Series Greases are high pressure greases, for common applications. This grease has good oxidation stability and anti-wear properties. Can guarantee long-term lubrication. Waterproof and shows good temperature characteristics. This product can be used at high temperatures and can still be pumped at low temperatures so it is suitable for bearing heavy loads and wet environments. This lithium hydroxide stearic acid is reformulated to provide extra protection against wear, rusting and water washing. The presence of addtive EP (Extreme Pressure) ensures that grease forms a strong lubricating film that prevents shifting and even experiences heavy pulsation loads, this prevents the metal from metal contact from the lubricated surface.


  • Long-lasting lubricating film, resulting in long service life to reduce maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Excellent mechanical stability and good thermal stability.
  • Easy to apply, can be stored in a cushion housing and offer protective protective cover.
  • They ensure effective rust protection even where the most refined metals are concerned.
  • Very good for metal surfaces that resist displacement by vibration.

Wolf GP EP Series Greases are recommended for most types of industrial applications including heavy duty applications where high unit pressure or shock loads are present. Does not contain lead or other heavy metals that are considered harmful to human health and the environment. NLGI 00.0 and 1 are suitable for concentrating lubrication systems and other applications where low temperature performance is requid as found in the field of agricultural engineering, and industry. NLGI 2 is recommended for multipurpose applications in antifriction and pain bearings, bushings and pins under normal operating conditions. NLGI 3 is a harder fat, which is needed for protection against water penetration or solid contaminants.

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