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Wolf Grease Grease ALC-3
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Specification of Wolf Grease Grease ALC-3

ALC-3 Wolf Grease Grease is an aluminum complex fat having little in common with their conventional predecessors. Although there is no fat that can truly be a "versatile" lubricant, aluminum complex oil is a multi-purpose multifunctional product that is of high value, durable, and works hard with thick aluminum soap. This grease is designed to overcome most lubrication problems, especially in wet conditions.

Resistance to both bearing washing and washing from a flat surface
This is highly desirable even though multi-purpose water resistance greases vary from product to product, aluminum fat complexes are likely to be better in this case than other multi-purpose.
Water repellency properties are superior and are thus ideal for wet operating conditions, high drop points and high load performance, providing reliable protection against rust and corrosion, good pumping capability in
Outstanding grease for extended re-lubrication.

Automotive, Marine, Paper mills, Water works, Agricultures Mining and Constructions Highly recommended for bales and roller bearings that operate under heavy and high temperature loads.
Special grease for bearing dry ends of paper mills.
Complex aluminum fats are used to smooth out the banbury mixer where the factory ends dry.
Complex aluminum fats are used to lubricate banbury mixers where they can become wet, hot and corrosive.
Working temperature:

-10 to 180 ° C (continued)
Up to 200 ° C (intermittent)

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