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Wolf Hitemp XHT 2B Grease
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Specification of Wolf Hitemp XHT 2B Grease

Wolf Hitemp XHT 2B Grease is produced using high viscosity minerals with high flash points. Bentone is used as an inorganic thickener. These high-quality greases have no falling points, they are often referred to as oil that does not melt. Specifically adapted to long-term use at high temperatures. With the resistance of the base oil to oxidation and will depend on the teperature where the fat is used depends on the temperture where the fat is used. The operating temperature range is -10 ° C to 235 ° C

Anti-wear and oxidation stability.
Superior protection against oxidation.
Tempertur stability, extraordinary high temperature properties.
Various applications.
Fat that doesn't melt.

This fat is a high-performance product that is suitable for industrial and automotive applications. This can be used in "start-stop" conditions and at high temperatures continuously above 150C. It must be taken into account that the lubrication interval decreases with increasing temperature. This oil contains anti-oxidation additives and is only the best oxidation-stable base oil used. This can be used in electric motors, hot air ventilators, dry parts of paper machines, plain bearings and shear and in plastic processing machines.

Working temperature: -30 ° C to + 235 ° C to 250 ° C

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