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Minyak Gemuk Wolf Moly XP-320
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Specification of Minyak Gemuk Wolf Moly XP-320

Wolf Moly XP-320 Grease is a type of grease that is effective for high temperatures and pressures. This product is a fat lithium complex containing 3% molybdenum disulfide which provides protection from wear under other pivots and heavy shear, which is enriched with extreme pressure greases containing 3% mobydenum disulfide which provides protection from wear under the pivot and heavy shear conditions others.

High extreme pressure performance for slow speeds and very heavy bearings.
Contains molybdenum disulfide to protect metal surfaces from seizure under shock loads.
High drop-point performance.
Provides reliable protection against rust and corrosion.
Contains well on metal surfaces and anti-leakage.
Outstanding grease for extended re-lubrication.

Excellent lubricant for mining and construction equipment.
Highly recommended for ball bearings and rollers that operate under heavy loads and high temperatures.
Ideal lubricant for passenger car bearings, trucks, buses, trailers and agriculture and heavy equipment.
Special applications such as electric motor bearings are sealed for life, vertical mounted bearings, and high-speed applications. Fat Wolf Moly XP 320 is not intended to be used under extreme pressure conditions where extra anti-weld properties are required for car and truck balls and universal joint special greases, excavator pins and sliding mechanisms.
Recommended for slides, screws and thread applications, cold and hot valve couplings, vibrating devices, and slow bearing speeds and loaded mechanisms.
Working temperature: -10 to 160 ° C (continuous) to 180 ° C (Interminttent)

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