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Specification of WOLF Q-PREMIUM

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WOLF Q-PREMIUM Quenching Oil

Wolf Q-Premium is an accelerated quenching oil of premium quality, that gives a faster cooling rate than a straight cold quenching oil. WOLF Q-PREMIUM is formulated with highly refined mineral oil with specially selected additives such as cooling rate improver and oxidation inhibitor to provide exceptional oxidation and quenching performance.

Wolf Q-Premium Feature and benefits are :

  1. High resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation.
  2. Special Cooling Rate Improver.
  3. Excellent High Thermal Resistance.
  4. Non corrosive to both component and equipment.
  5. Consistent high work piece quality.

Application :

Recommended for use mainly in Batch type furnace : Bolts, Chain, Carbon Tool Steel Parts, etc

Pusher type continuous furnace : Carburizing Parts, Forged Steel Parts, etc

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :