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Wolf Tyrex EM Grease
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Specification of Wolf Tyrex EM Grease

Wolf Tyrex EM Grease is used for high temperature lubrication formulated from slected base oil with poly urea thickener. Specifically made for bearings or bearings on electric motors. Advanced thickener formulations and proprietary manufacturing techniques provide better bearing performance and protection for long eectric motor life. Designed for a variety of applications and severe operating conditions. The point falls very high, making this oil ideal for continuous operation over a wide temperature range.

Reducing fat consumption at high temperatures.
Reduces maintenance costs due to lower bearing replacement rates.
Very good waterproof.
Provides real protection against rust and corrosion.
Contains well on metal surfaces and anti-leakage.
Outstanding grease for extended re-lubrication.
Versatile oil for various applications.

Highly recommended for anf ball roller bearings operating under heavy loads and high speed.
Metal and steel production equipment such as furnaces, metal casting, foundry and hot strip mill stands and operation of ovens, stoves, boilers and heaters, high temperature drives, heat pumps and fans.
Highly recommended for bearing the dry end of the papper plant.
Suitable for large size electric motor bearings.
Ideal for automotive wheel bearings.
Fin fan bearings. High temperature pump bearings.
Working temperature: -10 to 200 ° C (continued) to 200 ° C (intermittent)

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