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Blue Wolf XHP Grease 202
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Specification of Blue Wolf XHP Grease 202

Wolf XHP Blue 202 Grease is a high performance grease, lithium designed for various applications and operting conditions found in both the industrial and automotive sectors.

Good pressure and anti-wear properties. High falling point.
Excellent water and chemical resistance.
Contains well on metal surfaces and anti-leakage.
Mechanical and thermally stable.
Suitable for extended re-lubrication.

Height is recommended for ball bearings and rollers that operate under heavy loads and high speeds.
Various kinds of industrial, mining, automotive, construction and agricultural applications.
Use Wolf XHP Blue 202 in metal production and machining, operation of ovens, heat pumps and fans, tractors, trucks and buses, heavy equipment, etc.
Ideal for automotive wheel bearings.
Working temperature: -10 to 160 ° C (continuous) Up to 180 ° C (Interminttent)

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